Terms & Conditions

 1. By purchasing one or more course(s), diploma(s), Executive Programme(s) or Swiss excellence World Tour participation(s) (in short: programme(s)), the student enters into a contract with Future Finance Institute GmbH, Switzerland (in short: FFI) for the selected post-graduate programme(s). 

The student thereby accepts all admission, examination and payment conditions specific to the programmes. These conditions are set out in the specific study programme.
 2. The General Secretariat makes the final decision on admission to the selected programme and informs the student of this in writing or electronically. If a student is not admitted to the relevant programme, the corresponding contract lapses.
 3. The Course Director reserves the right to make changes in the structure and content of the programme, as well as in the selection and deployment of guest lecturers or experts.
 4. Students, attending one or more FFI programme(s), receive a login and password for the FFI e-learning platform. Students must have internet access and a laptop or computer in accordance with general digital infrastructure minimum specifications.

5. The teaching material and the logo of the FFI and its partners are protected by copyright. Copying and further use outside the FFI environment is prohibited without the written permission of the FFI management.
 6. The rights of use and exploitation of those intangible assets (in particular copyrights, design rights, patent rights and trademark rights) which arise during and in connection with the study programme shall - unless otherwise regulated - accrue to the FFI. A transfer of these rights back to the students can be agreed in individual cases. The agreement is to be made individually between the student and the FFI Director of Studies. If the FFI makes a profit from the exploitation of the intellectual property rights, the students are entitled to a share of the profit. As a rule, the compensation amounts to between a minimum of 25% and a maximum of 75% of the profit. The students retain the moral rights and the rights of exploitation of theses; the FFI reserves the right to use non-confidential theses for teaching, research and publication purposes without compensation.
 7. Tuition fees must be paid before the start of the programme.
 8. No reimbursement will be made for programmes or parts not attended.
 9. Expenses for literature, technical infrastructure, travel, accommodation and meals associated with the programmes are to be borne by the student if and to the extent that they are not included in the tuition fee.
 10. No deductions from the tuition fees are made for holidays, illness and dispensation.
 11. If the number of participants is insufficient, the General Secretariat reserves the right to cancel or postpone a programme. Any payments already made will be refunded.
 12. In the event of cancellation 30 days or less prior to the start of the programme by the student, the tuition fee for the chosen programme must be paid in full.
 13. Students are not insured by FFI or its partners.
 14. The general and financial regulations are subject to change and will be communicated by the FFI management three months in advance.
 15. The place of jurisdiction and performance for all services is Zurich. Swiss law shall apply.