Future Finance Institute Switzerland is an independent academic institution with its HQ in Zurich, Switzerland. Our goal is maximum practical relevance and topicality. The faculties consist of an unparalleled & novel mix of seasoned lecturers who are experienced Swiss banking and insurance professionals, cutting edge technologists as well as fintech entrepreneurs. All FFI digital programs are designed in Switzerland for a global, English-speaking audience of finance professionals. No prior technology knowledge is required. Thanks to their modular & digital structure, all FFI programs are ideally suited for the fast-paced career and lifestyle needs of our international students.

Our students

Is FFI for you? Our students come from a variety of countries and are aspiring professionals in finance and insurance who want to stay one step ahead of global business trends. They leave FFI equipped to drive growth across their organizations and successfully manage their companies digital transformation. Our Swiss, but internationally collaborative online programs in finance deliver the digital knowledge, tools and frameworks required to succeed and lead with confidence in the digital finance world.

General enquiries

info @ swiss-ffi.com

Our front desk it happy to help with all general enquiries regarding Future Finance Institute Switzerland. Your message will be taken care of and forwarded to the right department at our Zurich HQ. You can also reach out to our team via phone: +41 44 586 97 67.

Dean´s Office of Student Affairs

studentaffairs @ swiss-ffi.com

The staff of the Dean´s Office of Student Affairs is responsible for the organization of our courses as well as diplomas. The focus is on personalized student support for all issues such as enrollment, payment, course selection, educational requirements, and career planning. We are happy to help!

General Secretariat

secretariat @ swiss-ffi.com

The employees of the General Secretariat ensure the management and administration of the various concerns of the institute. We happily support you in all matters IT, finance and controlling, equality, quality assurance as well as press enquiries, partnerships and evaluations. We also ensure the smooth operations of the institute and its faculties, as well as the associated processes and concerns. This includes in particular appointments (successions), course planning, communication and internationalization.

Career Development Team

career @ swiss-ffi.com

The FFI career development team is a dedicated group of advisors and relationship builders. We support FFI students by providing an initial career assessment, personal, business and career coachings, individualized advising, skill-building workshops, career exploration events, and connections to employers and alumni. We encourage the FFI students to bring their passion for inquiry and innovation to the career development process, empowering them to define and achieve their own visions of professional success.

Where to find us

8045 Zurich - Switzerland

Future Finance Institute has its headquarters right in the heart of Zurich, Switzerland. Only a stone throw from beautiful lake Zurich and the well-know Swiss financial epicenter "Paradeplatz", a dedicated team of financial and technology professionals works hard to offer you the best and most exclusive training for your career development.

Our network & partners

Future Finance Institute is part of a strong network for fintech, finance & further education in Switzerland and is also aligned with organizations in Europe and on a global level. Together, we foster the common innovation spirit and are at the forefront of the digitization of the financial industry.


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