At FFI, our ambition is to help shape the future of finance through education and training. Our goal is to inspire people at all career levels in finance about the future and the opportunities offered by digitization and technology. But beyond that, we also want to shape and lead the future of education in general. For a world that is changing ever faster, we need new educational paths, tools, opportunities and ideas. From educational institutions it needs more topicality, practical relevance, permeability and efficiency. From students, it needs lifelong learning, curiosity and interest.

Our Research Center

FFI established its Research Center to promote the analysis of topics important to FFI´s mission including financial technologies (fintech), digital assets, sustainability and the technological upskilling for financial professionals, especially women in finance. The Center maintains contacts with pre-eminent scholars in the industry, leading technologists and entrepreneurs, academics, and the public sector. Its research follows finance industry developments, risk measurement and management methods, regulatory policy, and related topics. The Center publishes working papers, staff studies, survey reports, and other analyses to prompt discussion to expand knowledge and understanding of issues that affect the future of finance. The global FFI research team also supports our corporate clients in crafting our quarterly B2B industry market scans.

Our Foundation

With our Future of Work Foundation, we want to raise awareness of the opportunities of a digital world, but also its dangers. We will ensure that algorithms do not decide our future, but support us in our personal and professional development. Job profiles are changing. It is important that no one is lost to the world of work in this process, and that there are adequate digital education and training opportunities for all levels of society - around the globe. The foundation sets itself the goal of enabling people without a university degree to have a future in the digital world of work. This requires creative ideas, funding and advocacy for the further development of professional profiles and educational pathways. One of our projects is e.g. IDB (Institut Digitale Bildung). To fund this work, a portion of the profits from the FFI diplomas and course offerings is directed to the Foundation.

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