Skills of Swiss Excellence

All FFI courses can be taken independently or as part of a diploma.

An FFI course can easily be taken alongside your job: It lasts four weeks with three digital live sessions, a voluntary case study and online learning material for preparation. In our FFI courses, we also put a lot of emphasis on interaction with the global finance and fintech community, so you can expand your network.

Swiss Certificate of Excellence

You are entitled to a Swiss Certificate of Excellence for each of your completed courses.

You will be provided with a traditional as well as a digital blockchain-certificate signed in Zurich, Switzerland and accredited by SAQ, Swiss Association for Quality. To earn a diploma designation by Future Finance Institute Switzerland, you must attend four FFI courses within 12 months.

Swiss Expertise & Knowledge Transfer

FFI courses are taught by industry thought leaders from Switzerland, who share their expertise with you.

All FFI courses are taught in three dimensions: They are online, interactive & in-class teaching sessions from Switzerland. You can deepen your understanding through interactive learning content on our e-learning platform. And with our case studies, you can expand your knowledge through group work. ​


Engaging with your peers is a big part of what makes FFI unique.

Every FFI course has its own online social network group within the FFI online community. As part of the FFI Community, you exchange ideas, offer input, and seek out viewpoints from a community of learners gathered from around the globe. In the process, you learn from each other’s experiences & perspectives. Networking and being part of the Community is voluntary.

Frequently asked questions about our programs

  • What are the academic requirements for the certifications ? Is participation also possible without a bachelor's degree?

    Yes, this is possible. Our courses are SAQ certified and therefore suitable for professional certification in financial institutions. Swiss banking professionals have to prove regularly that they are up-to-date with the most current industry developments. This is what the SAQ certification is for. Future Finance Institute Switzerland does not award ECTS points, so no specific prerequisites are necessary. Nevertheless, we recommend joining us already with a certain knowledge of the financial industry in general. Our target audience is therefore "Financial Professionals".

  • Is the certification or the individual diplomas exclusively open to professionals from the banking and finance sector or can interested people, e.g. from the tax consulting or insurance sectors, also participate?

    FFI courses and diplomas are open to and also available for lateral entrants, insurance or tax experts. We recommend that participants bring with them (or have acquired) a certain level of finance industry knowledge in general, as the lecturers and experts (all of whom are experts in their field) generally build on certain basic knowledge with their lessons.

  • Is there a general attendance requirement for the individual live sessions or can the sessions (if they are recorded) at best be followed up in self-study?

    Unlike most self-guided online trainings, our FFI method is very much based on the live presence of the students. The participants receive self-study materials before each lecture. In the live online lesson itself, there is mainly a discussion or group work. We take great care to ensure that the participants do not have to consume boring frontal instruction, but work actively on the topics. The feedback shows us that this creates very good networks among the lecturers and students. Of the total of four afternoons of a course, the last afternoon can be "freely planned". In a time window of 24h, the students can complete a self-assessment to obtain a Swiss certificate. Nevertheless, if necessary, the live lectures are video-recorded and can be reworked in self-study.


“I found it a good mix of the different areas and gave valuable insights. The course combines the elements of business, technology and culture and provides valuable insights and approaches to solutions in the digital world.”

Karen Graves - Certified Digital Wealth Management Expert

“Study program organized with a lot of heart and soul. Great variety of topics, very good lecturers - absolutely recommended!”

Alberto Pedrazzani - Certified Digital Finance Expert

“Christina Kehl, our course director and lecturer, inspired me the most. Her career path, successes and experience in the Finance & Tech scene are remarkable. Her course has massively broadened my horizons and knowledge in the field of digitization.”

Jasmin Buchanan ​- Certified Digital Wealth Management Expert

“Excellently organized. We always had very good lecturers with reference to practice. Clear structure, all modules were relevant to me. The course opened my eyes to the future and its challenges after many years in the traditional business world!”

Peter Daniel - Certified Digital Finance Expert

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